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Daniel Webster High School Class of 1976.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Class of 1976 classmates, "Where are they now?"

Name:  Anita Claggett Praytor
Location:   Tulsa, OK
Occupation:  Administrative Assistant II
Spouse Occupation: 
Children:  0 - 6 Nieces, 2 Nephews, 2 Great Nieces, 2 Great Nephews
Grandchildren:  0
Years Married:  3 -- A Really Long Time Ago
Hobbies/Interest:  Collect horses & Pandas, read, latch hook rugs, listen to music.
Fondest High School Memory: Being a sophomore when my sister was a senior and hanging out with her friends, being in Ruth Tibb' class and having her as a senior sponser.
Elementary School: Remington Elementary
I just received my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from OSU-Tulsa with a major in General Business and a minor Marketing.


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