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Daniel Webster High School Class of 1976.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Class of 1976 classmates, "Where are they now?"

Name:  Mark Benton
Spouse:  Diann
Location:   Tulsa, OK
Occupation:  Field Applications Engineer
Spouse Occupation:  Farmers Property Claims - Sr. Secretary
Children:  2 Boys
Grandchildren: 0
Years Married:  29
Hobbies/Interest:  After 8 years of coaching Blue-T Football, 7 years as department director of the middle school at Trinity Baptist Church, 3 years of the Webster Booster Club and 8 years of school (Finally graduated from OU-Boomer Sooner) I can now have have a life of working on cars again. I have a 1937 Ford Convertible.
Fondest High School Memory: Wrestling (I still think it is the greatest sport) Marching Band and Stage Band. I still haven't lived down the picture in the year book spanking Darla Carmichael. (Thanks For the Idea). My most embarrassing moment - The school assembly when Gida Bliss had a song sang to me. It was so bad I can't remember the song.
Elementary School: Porter Elementary and Remington Elementary


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