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Daniel Webster High School Class of 1976.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

 50th Birthday Party Pictures


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 Birthday Cake  Centerpiece  Fun City Sign  Teresa Hamilton Thompson and Hubby  Cindy Cortez's  Husband (Left) and Karen $$'s Husband (Right)
Birthday Cake The Centerpieces Fun City Sign Teresa Hamilton & Husband Cindy and Karen's Hubbies
 The Babers  Steve Harrison's Wife (Left) and Dean Torglers Wife (Right)  Donna Cooke and Artie Lowery's Wife  Artie, Donna and Donna's Sister  Peggy Allen and Husband
Ron Baber and Wife Steve H. and Dean T. Wives Donna Cooke and Artie's Wife Artie, Donna and  sister Peggy Allen and Husband
 Bobbie Long (Class of '78)  Karen $$  David Jones and Kevin Bright  Alan Harper, Gary Plemons and Wife  Mark Benton and Wife
Bobbie Long Karen $$ David J. and Kevin B. Alan H., Gary P. and Wife Mark Benton and Wife
 Kim Summerall and Husband  Kevin Dolan and Wife  Nancy Morgan and Ken Wood  Ken Wood's Wife (left) and Bobby Smith's Wife (Right)  Bobby Smith and Tim Irwin
Kim S. and Husband Kevin D. and Wife Nancy M. and Ken W. Ken W. and Bobby S. Wife Bobby S. and Tim I.
 Millie Hardesty and Carolyn Smith  Carolyn Smith's Husband (Left) and Tanya Teague's Husband (Right)  Tanya Teague and Jody Shepard  Debbie McCormack and Lee Ann Morgan  Julie Dubuc
Millie H. and Carolyn S. Carolyn S. and Tanya T. Husbands Tanya T. and Jody S. Debbie M. and Lea Ann M. Julie D.

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